Custom Services of Quake E-commerce

Quake E-commerce aim to be one-stop supplier for fashion jewelry. And our customers main are business men from all over the world. They are retailers, wholesalers, designsers etc. In all our business type is B2B (business to business).

To be a one-stop supplier for fashion jewelry we have two main services to help.

First is "Ready to Ship Services".

Ready to ship mean we have a lot of designs with stock which can ship in 3-7 business days, MOQ is 10pcs ONLY for each design and you can mix colors to 10pcs.

This service can help customers start a new business or try a new design with lowest cost and shortest time.

Second is "CUSTOM SERVICE". 

CUSTOM SERVICE is mean the design you want not with stock. Need to custom for you.

What is the requirement of custom service. The only thing you need to readh is the order quantity. Different designs MOQ will be different but remember a number 120pcs, when your quantity can over this you can take custom service into consideration then.

What are the advantages of custom services.

Custom Service make your designs unique.

Custom services you can design your designs as you designed and we keep it seceret between you and us, mean the others customers can't buy your designs from us, also mean the copiers if they want to sell your designs they need to find a new supplier to custom for him/her too. And this will increase his/her cost and time, he/she must think about it twice.

Custom Service Make your cost lower.

When you consider to custom the order quantity must be over 120pcs then. Buy Bulk both your time and money can be saved rather than small batch every time. As we all known communication cost and international shipping cost always high.

Custom Service give you competitive advantages.

Today doing something one step before your competitors will bring you great advatanges, especially when you are selling on online shops. Internet makes information spread quaickly and google also like new things the best. That mean when you find something good for market Internet always can help you let more customers find you easily. And when your competitors find out you have leave them behind a long way. They can never earn as much as you and since you knew this products more than them you can always find a way to against them. Until you find your another super star.

Custom Service make your customers remember you easily.

Custom services you can will never forget to custom your logos. To have your logos on products or packages will remind customers easily who you are when they using your products. After several times they can rembember your name easily and if they find your products are good they will always recommend them to their friends families etc. And instead of custom the logos on products. For starting we suggest to custom the logos on packages first. Cause packages can be used for a lot of products and can keep for a long time to lower the cost. And when you find some super star products you can engrave logo on product then. 

So what are you waiting for start your custom journey with us now.