Who Can Be A Good Supplier For Fashion Jewelry

Who Can Be A Good Supplier For Fashion Jewelry

Who can be a good supplier for your fashion jewelry business? To answer this question it is important to know your real needs only a supplier can give you what you need and lead you grow stronger and stronger can he/she be a good supplier to you.


We Quake E-commerce have two main kinds of services that aim to help our customers.

One called ready to ship service. Ready to ship mean products with stock which can ship out in 3-7 business days. MOQ 10PCS for each design only. Price is factory wholesale price. And almost 3000 products are with stock. With this kind of service our customers can start a new business with low cost and when you are running a business already this kind of service can help customers try a new design low cost with shortest time too.

This kind of service the best advantage is running business with a lowest cost.


Two called custom service when our stock designs can’t help you the best, you can always custom your products. Custom service the only needs is higher MOQ for product most are 120pcs for each design and each color. For package most are 1000pcs each design and each color. Custom design is to make customers’ products and service unique.


Three company system is very important to keep better services offered. But for B2B business a experienced sales man will help you really really a lot. A experienced sales is good at find what are real needs of yours, also he/she can give you accurate and useful suggestions in the shortest time. And he/she know which is the lowest cost to do the things. And most important he/she always has a way to do things right. So when you met a sales who is reliable and experienced never let he/she go. For B2B business makes things right more important than saving some money.


So in your business which is the most important to you?

Do you find your golden partner now?


We Quake E-commerce always welcome you for more details to help.


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