the plan to be your long time partner

the plan to be your long time partner


How can we be your long time partner, there are 2 mains services to help. 


One: Ready to ship service.


WHEN YOU LIKE TO TRY NEW DESIGNS, can also do you great benefits.


Two: Custom service.

offer the products and services totally based on your needs.


And if you are just begin a business. you can also consider to use dropping shipping to grow up your business.



Wrong way:

 do as below:

1> all the designs support

2>The moq thing is the only one problem you need to take care of

Retailer: choose designs moq set as 1 piece.

Wholesaler: all the designs work for you follow our MOQ needs.

3> to choose the designs

4>All our documents are open to you

5>Not just try to sell you products but to help you grow up your business.



To be your long time partner to save your time and your money.


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