How to Pack the Jewelry for Brand

How to Pack the Jewelry for Brand

Hi dear Quake E-commerce fashion jewelry b2b one-stop supplier, today introduce you how to pack brand jewelry.


If you are aim to be a brand jewelry company. Package for brand is a question you can’t ignore.

Pack brand will help you customers remember your products and find you easier.


Okay in this case how should we pack our jewelry items.


First there are 3 main packages can be considered. And at different stage you can choose different packing way.

  • Jewelry display card. Jewelry display card in holding your jewelry on a card. It more for some thin chain jewelry, earrings and finger rings. And it is easy to pack your brand custom and print your logo on the card will be fine.

Jewelry card to custom moq is 1000pcs while cost most will be under 100usd for whole 1000pcs, so cost are pretty low to do. There are also different material you can choose most are paper and pvc cards.


  • Jewelry bags. Jewelry bags there are different sizes, different colors and different materials are available. Linen, cotton, satin, velvet, plastic... Sizes from 6x8cm to 30x40cm all can do. And to pack your brand print your logo on the bags will be fine. To custom logo on bags MOQ is 1000pcs to get the best price. Bags can give customers high-end feeling while the shipping cost is much lower than box.


  • Jewelry box. Jewelry boxes can’t folded the disadvantage of it is shipping cost is high. While box display the jewelry the best. For pack for brand can consider to print the logo on the box.


Above are the three main packing ways. And which stage you are in which will be the best option for you? We welcome you talk to us privately for more details.

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