How Long can Use for Plating Fashion Jewelry

How Long can Use for Plating Fashion Jewelry

For fashion jewelry there are a lot of customers often ask, how long can your color keep new? Will your color fade? I do not want to fade at all is that possible?


First of all customers want to use a product for a longer time this is an very normal thinking. But the truth is as long as the colors not natural they are plated on or enameled on won’t last forever.

You can imagine both plating layer and enamel layer are thin. if you wear them, rub them and wash under water some even touch with chemical liquid, the colors will fade easily. How can I think layer bare so much bad using and treating, Lol...


So one important thing we want to share you is, if you want to use longer time of your jewelry please do not wear with with showering, touch liquid and wearing them when sleeping. But if you do not care ok then just leave it alone.


And speaking of how long plating color can use. First there are different technologies can be used.

1>Liquid Electroplating this is to have the whole piece into some chemical liquid then the jewelry will have colors then. This kind of plating the gold color not real gold color, it is chemical gold color. And some factories will do one more oil enameled to hep the colors last longer and this kind of plating can use about 1-3 months with right wearing and keeping.

2>PVD plating, this plating is used mostly with stainless steel material. And the cost is much higher. Most will use fine gold like 14k gold, 18k gold to plate on. And this is plated in stove, the gold will work as vapour and to stick to the jewelry surface. This kind of plating with proper using and keeping color can be new for 1 year at least.


No matter which kind of plating being used if customer want to use longer time a proper using and wearing always plays a very important part.


And if you want something won’t fade forever please consider fine gold, diamond these kind of fine jewelry please.


Have more questions always welcome to contact us for further help.


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