Glass Seed Beads China VS Japan

Glass Seed Beads China VS Japan

Glass seed beads is a common material for our fashion jewelry products lines.

These two beads aim to use in different needs. When customers need high quality we usually suggest to use Japan Beads, if customers are more sensitive to prices we suggest to use China Beads.


Japan beads the most famous are miyuki and toho. Miyuki is the best quality also price is the highest too. Price is 10-40 times the cost of Chinese beads.


What are the things miyuki does better than Chinese beads?

One, bead shape, miyuki bead shapes are more uniform almost every beads the same shape.

Two, color last longer. Both miyuki enamel colors and plating colors are last longer than Chinese beads.

Three, colors quality more stable. Miyuki beads almost every batch the color is he same while Chinese beads every batch color differences problem will exist.


Here you one design with miyuki from our website for your references:

accessories handmade adjustable women friendship summer bohemian miyuk – Quake E-commerce (


One Chinese beads design from our website for your references

adjustable Ladies sexy loss weight plus size African ghana cotton stri – Quake E-commerce (


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